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Rules for Video Production 2016
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Video production is becoming more important for all industries as part of marketing campaigns and online advertising efforts. Here are some simple but helpful rules for video production in 2016. The average attention span just got shorter, so videos need to be concise and to the point. Stick to 1 to 3 minutes long, as this has been shown to be the average time viewed on most videos. Viewers are inundated with video content so your videos need to be...

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Video Production Trends 2016
Video production and video content for 2016 and beyond is going to transform the online world. Video is re-shaping consumer behavior and consuming video content cross devices are going to have an impact on how consumers relate to your company. Just in case you didn’t think video production is exploding on the internet and will be the next big thing, here are the latest research. Youtube finds approx. 24000 hours of video are being uploaded every hour and Facebook shows...

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Video Production 2016
So you are hearing all about video and its importance. So are well into 2016, what are the new trends for video production in 2016. Mobile Will Increase Now video is going to increase on mobile devices. More and more users are accessing video via tablets, phones and laptops so what does your mobile website look like and more importantly, are users going to be able to access your videos. While running video on YouTube is an obvious solution, users what...

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