Meet Our Team

We are a team of award-winning Hollywood production veterans with 25 years experience-directors,camera operators, script writers, video editors and producers, will ensure that your corporate video production receives the highest level of work at every stage of it’s execution.

We have copywriters, directors, photographers, editors, makeup artists, stylists, and set designers ready to produce your next project using the latest postproduction software and hardware including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Photoshop, and After Effects. We also work closely with a tightly knit group of video makers and graphic artists to produce high-end graphics and animation.

  • Jessica Priston
    Jessica Priston Chief Creative Officer
  • John McCoist
    John McCoist Chief Strategy Officer
  • Marta Healy
    Marta Healy Executive Creative Director
  • Eva Savits
    Eva Savits Director of Marketing
  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson Director of Production
  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith System Administrator

Skype: (213) 260-3882
Call Hours: 9AM to 6PM
Address: 1253 Vine St. #14, Hollywood, CA, USA